APO_SUBDIVISIONS_LOTS_[subdivision name]


Civic Platform


System Switch


If you activated FIDs 0241-Parcel Subdivision and Lot Search and 8327-Search Select Parcel Function, and defined subdivisions in the APO_SUBDIVISIONS Standard Choice, you can choose to define the subdivision lots that display as choices in a drop-down list during a parcel search. Use the same value for the subdivision name in the item name as you use for the Standard Choices value in APO_SUBDIVISIONS.

For example, if you define an APO_SUBDIVISIONS Standard Choice value of Westwood (the name of a subdivision), You could identify lots 1 through 25 in the Standard Choice APO_SUBDIVISIONS_LOTS_WESTWOOD. Each lot name must be less than 40 characters and cannot contain double quotation marks. If you do not define lots, a text field displays instead of a drop-down list.