8189-Asset Data Management




  • Enables the Assets portlet for users to perform asset management tasks. Enables users to access and manage assets across all solutions and modules in Civic Platform, Citizen Access, GIS, and Mobile Office. Main tasks include:

    • List, search, create, or delete assets

    • Look up assets and add them to work order

    • Look up assets and add them to PM schedules

    • Look up assets and associate them with addresses, parts, and records

    • Specify asset ratings, add conditions, documents, condition assessments

    • Link assets

  • Enables the Look Up button in the Assets tab of the Records portlet for users to look up assets and add them to records and work orders.

  • If the Assets section displays in the application intake form, enables the Search and Get Address buttons in the section for users to look up assets and associate them to the current record.


Child of #1 8402-Asset Associated Part
Child of #1 8282-Asset Condition
Child of #1 8262-Daily-Asset PM Schedule List
Child of #1 8399-Asset Rating
Child of #1 8294-Asset Document Look up
Child of #1 8308-Asset Condition Assessment Management
Child of #1 8201-Daily Asset Location
Child of #1 8277-Asset Usage Tracking
Child of #1 8290-Calculate Asset Depreciation
Child of #1 8346-Parent Asset Dependency Flag
Child of #1 8331-Create WO From Asset List
Child of #1 8312-Asset Clone
Child of #1 0332-Daily Cost Rate Definition
Interoperation with #1 0197-Admin-PM Schedule Linked Asset
Interoperation with #1 8412-Asset Group Update
Interoperation with #1 0198-Admin-PM Schedule Skipped Asset
Interoperation with #1 8203-Daily Record Asset


Accela Asset Management


Assets portlet

Record portlet > New > (In the application intake form) Assets section