0333-Condition List Audit Log




  • Enables the View Log button in the Condition Maintenance administrator portlet for administrators to view condition audit log information.

  • Enables the View Log button in various portlets, and then provide the condition as an audit type option for users to view the historical logs on conditions.


The audit log works only if the super agency administrator enables the standard condition audit log option in the agency configuration.

Parent 8458-Complete Record and ASI Audit




Setup portlet > Condition > Condition Maintenance list portlet > View log button

Record portlet > View Log button > Record Details Log button option > Record Condition option in Audit Type in the Audit Log page

Parcels portlet > View Log button

Owners portlet > View Log button

Licensed Professionals portlet > View Log button

Structure & Establishment portlet > View Log button

Assets portlet > View Log button