0084-Reference People Contact


  • Enables the Contacts portlet for users to add and manage contacts, including the following tabs: Contact Detail, Contact Address, Related Contacts, Conditions, Record List, Activity, Associated Public User, and Assets.

  • Enables the Associate Contact button in the Associated People tab of the Trust Account portlet, so users can associate contacts to a trust account.

  • Enables the Sync to the Reference button in the Contacts tab, for users to synchronize the information about a daily contact to its reference.

  • Enables the Also Known As tab in the Contacts portlet for users to manage the Also Known as names of reference contacts.


Child of #1 8102-People User Defined Attribute
Child of #1 0322-Reference Merge Contacts
Child of #1 0239-Activities For People and Property
Parent of #2 0278-Associate People




Contacts portlet

Contacts portlet > Also Known As tab

Record portlet > Contacts tab

Trust Account portlet > Associated People tab > Associate Contact button