0006-Reference Property Addresses


  • Enables the Addresses portlet for users to create and manage reference address information.

  • Enables the Address tab (including the Look Up, New, Delete, Submit, Cancel and GIS buttons) in the Parcels portlet for users to manage addresses for parcels, and copy or move associated reference addresses between genealogically related reference parcels.

  • Enables the Address tab in the Contacts portlet for users to manage reference addresses for contacts.

  • Enables the Look Up and Delete buttons in the Addresses tab of the Structures & Establishments portlet, so users to look up reference addresses for structures and establishments.


Interoperation of #1 0069-Reference Condition Addresses
Parent of #2 0005-Reference Property Parcels
Child of #1 0277-Address Type for the reference address
Child of #1 0321-Reference Address Copy
Child of #1 8388-Reference Address Comments
Child of #1 0239-Activities For People and Property
Interoperation of #3 0344-Show Address on the Contact
Parent of #4 0295-Reference Structure and Establishment




Addresses portlet

Parcels portlet > Address tab

Contacts portlet > Address tab