Understanding Record Type Settings

You use the Settings page (Settings Page) to modify or define parameters related to the following:

  • IVR

  • Citizen Access

  • Audit Frequency

  • GIS.

    Figure: Settings Page

Table 1. Record Type Settings Field Descriptions
Section on Page Field Field Description
Settings Duration The number of days to complete record processing.
Icon The icon to indicate instances of the record type.
IVR Number A unique number, that IVR users can reference, to simplify call processing for instances of this record type.
Status Determines whether users can create instances of this record type.
Searchable Determines whether users can search disabled record types. All enabled record types are searchable by default.
Unit of Production The unit of measure for production units of this record type, each, feet, acres, or miles, for example. This field only displays for the Asset Management module.
Estimated Cost Per Production Unit The value used to generate the estimated cost for each work order. This field only displays for the Asset Management module.
Default Production Unit The fixed production quantity for a work orders. This field only displays for the Asset Management module.
Value Required to Close The production quantity Civic Platform requires before closing a work order. This field only displays for the Asset Management module.
Email for Hearing Notification The email address used to send email notifications for hearings. This field only displays for the Enforcement module.
Enforcement Type The enforcement type, abatement for example, associated with instances of this record type. This field only displays for the Enforcement module.
Settings for Citizen Access Would you like this permit to be available through Citizen Access Determines whether make instances of this available to Citizen Access.
Page Flow Code Sets the Citizen Access page flow code for this record type.
Document Code Sets the document code for the types of documents public users can upload and attach to instances of this record type in Citizen Access.
Set the criteria for selecting fees Sets the fee valuation associated with instances of the record type. You can choose to use the higher or lower value of either the contractor value or the result of the valuation calculator.
Enable Renewal Enables renewal of licenses in Citizen Access. Activates the Enable Issuance check box and the Renewal Record Type drop-down list.
Enable Issuance Enables issuance of renewals to Citizen Access. Upon completion of the renewal application, record status changes to active.
Renewal Record Type Specifies the record type enabled for renewal in Citizen Access.
Enable Associated Forms Enables display of associated forms (child records) during the record creation process in Citizen Access.
Audit Frequency (Audit Frequency) Audit Frequency Indicates the time interval (in months) between audits for instances of the record type. You can specify an audit frequency at any level of the four level record type definition (Creating New Record Types).When you specify an audit frequency at a parent level to other record types, Civic Platform automatically syncs the audit frequency for those record types. For example, if you modify the audit frequency for Building to 18 months, the audit frequency for Building/Commercial/Addition/Amusement also changes to 18 months.
GIS Settings (GIS Settings) GIS Service The GIS service containing the map edit layer you want to use.
Edit Layer The map edit layer that is relevant for working with instances of the record type. For example, if the record type involves service requests for sewer lines, you can limit users to editing only a sewer map layer in GIS.

Audit Frequency

Random audits allow agency users to randomly select a group of records, based on defined parameter values, create a set of records for auditing. After Civic Platform generates the set, users can filter the set, run a report, execute a script, and otherwise audit the set.

Example Use Case

A user wants to audit twenty randomly selected electrical licenses. The user defines the parameters for the set of auditable electrical licenses and Civic Platform generates a set of twenty randomly selected electrical licenses that fall within the set parameters. The user then runs a script that contacts the licensees and notifies them that they are being audited, or automatically creates mailing labels to send hard copies. The script then generates a report to audit fees and continuing education requirements.

Setting Record Type Audit Frequency

Audit frequency determines how often a you can include a given record as part of an audit set. For example, if you define a record type’s audit frequency at two months, you can audit instances of that record type no more than once every two months.

You can set audit frequencies at the agency, module, or record type level. Record type audit frequencies override module audit frequencies, which in turn override agency audit frequencies.

GIS Settings

Civic Platform integrates with GIS maps to display an address, asset, parcel or GIS object on a map. This feature provides a geographical representation for all land-use, zoning, and infrastructure information associated with a permit, service request, or inspection.