Understanding GovXML

GovXML provides a standard Accela-proprietary interface between the Civic Platform server and Accela clients. Accela received a trademark for GovXML in 2002.

The GovXML API provides a robust set of functions that Accela clients can access to handle all agency information related to permitting, land (address, parcel, owner), workflow, inspection, spatial (map) data, compliance, and so forth.

GovXML uses an XML based request and response paradigm, and an HTTP based service, that communicates with the Civic Platform biz server. The following Accela clients interface with Civic Platform through GovXML:

  • IVR

  • GIS

  • Mobile Office

The following Accela legacy products use GovXML:

  • Kiva

  • Tidemark

  • Permits Plus

  • Velocity Hall

  • Accela Wireless