Accela provides agency solutions for the following areas:

  • Land Management. The Land Management solution automates, tracks, and manages land use activities. These activities include permit request processing, plan reviews, inspections, investigations, fee calculations and collections, signoffs, permit issuance, and so forth. The Land Management solution enables agency staff to access data entered by public users, verify activities, check permit status, and obtain complete parcel information from a centralized database.

  • Licensing and Case Management. The Licensing and Case Management solution automates the business process for license applications, registration, and renewals. The solution tracks the fees, exams, continuing education, and approvals associated with each license type.

  • Asset Management. The Asset Management solution tracks and manages assets, work orders, and agency resources. The solution automates asset costing, inventory, maintenance, investigations, and inspections. The solution manages all agency assets, including fleet, street, water, wastewater, parks and recreation, plant and facilities, sewer, railway, roadway, and so forth.

  • Service Request. The Service Request solution automates and manages interdepartmental or citizen requests for service, complaints, or inquiries. The solution organizes and manages requests, to improve citizen interaction.

Each solution provides one or more modules that agencies use to define business processes performed by different entities within the agency. Civic Platform stores data from these business processes in a central database, which Civic Platform can access across multiple user groups, departments, or agency organizations that use different solution modules.

You configure a solution module by creating custom record types for that module (Applications and Records) and associating specific processes and other record artifacts with that record type.

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