Sharing Information and Services Across Agencies

You can create delegate (super agency) users to manage or view tasks between agencies and you can provide services from multiple agencies to public users.

Multiple agencies can use three methods to share information.

  • Delegate users can search agency information and edit agency information without toggling between agencies. The delegate user from the super agency can access agency information such as addresses, parcels, owners, structures, and establishments.

  • Delegate users toggle between agencies to access information in other agencies. The delegate user views information and creates records in the agency, like a normal agency user.

  • Normal agency users search information and edit information (such as addresses, parcels, owners, structures, and establishments) in another agency without toggling between agencies.


    Civic Platform and Citizen Access users can access information and services across agencies without knowing that the data comes from other agencies.

You define delegate users at the agency level. Agency administrators control delegate user access the same way as regular users, through user account permissions and the FID configuration for the group or groups to which the delegate user belongs.

Example Use Case

A super agency (state) wants to establish themselves as a hub for agency (county or city) information so that citizens can view and perform tasks associated with processes performed at different agencies. For example, a business owner logs in to Citizen Access to track all city, county, and state services associated with a recent building permit application. Services can include maintenance of waterlines or structural upgrades.

Accessing Across Agency Services by the Public

Civic Platform provides the ability to manage services, offered by multiple agencies, for public users. A public user can request services for records offered, from multiple agency locations, through one Citizen Access login.

Example Use Case

A public user requests a water pipe repair with Maricopa County (agency one) and a sewer repair with Portland (agency two) after logging into Citizen Access. The one login provides access to all services for which they have permission.

Incorporating the Service Lock Condition

You can use the service lock condition feature to limit one or more services to a particular licensed professional or address. You can use this feature to lock out services, provided by one agency, and allow services from other agencies.

Using Citizen Access for Creating Records

Citizen Access provides record creation across agencies and management across agencies. With Citizen Access, public users can manage records, created across multiple agencies, from a single Citizen Access account.


Best practice is to deploy a single Citizen Access site to service multiple agencies.

Example Use Case

A state hosts a single Citizen Access site that provides access to all agencies (cities and counties) within the state.