Configuring Go To Menus

Civic Platform provides the Menu Navigation function to specify the list of items that appear in the Go To menu (Go To Menu). You use the Menu Navigation function to organize Go To menu items in a way that makes sense for a module or user group. You can use a Go To menu definition (Custom Menu Navigation Tree) as a template for another module or user group by coping the menu definition and making modifications to the copy.

Figure: Custom Menu Navigation Tree

A Portlet folder. Portlet where the custom drop-down menu displays. Four portlet types can contain the Go To menu, custom drop-down menu and custom tabs: Asset Data Management (asset details portlet), Record Form Portlet (record details portlet), Ref Address Form Portlet, and Ref Parcel Form Portlet.
B Agency folder. You can add agency-level menu templates, or add modules and groups, then configure module-level templates and group-level templates in this folder.
C Module folders. You can create module folders and define module-level custom menu items and custom tab.
D Menus. You create and remove menu items from this folder.
E Menu items. Menu items comprise user tasks.
F Group folders.You can create group folders and define custom menu items and custom tab that work for a specific group.