Add-on Products

Civic Platform provides the following, separately licensed, add-on products that integrate with Civic Platform:

Citizen Access

Citizen Access provides a web based and mobile phone based interface that works with Civic Platform applications and databases to provide citizens with online access to government services and information. With Citizen Access, citizens can apply and pay for permits, schedule inspections, and look up information.

Accela GIS

GIS (Geographic Information System) leverages geospatial data to streamline agency processes and is compatible with Windows and Web-based applications. GIS provides a geographic view of all land-use, zoning, and infrastructure information associated with agency records, such as parcels, permits, inspections, plans, assets, work orders, and service requests.

Agency users can manage records within GIS and efficiently complete research tasks. Agency users can identify records within their agency’s jurisdiction and determine the staff responsible for specific jobs. For example, an inspector can use GIS to search for assigned inspections within a community or neighborhood. The inspector can also use GIS to create an inspection route sheet and obtain driving directions.

You can access GIS maps from Civic Platform, Mobile Office, and Citizen Access.

Mobile Office

Mobile Office works with Civic Platform to provide field access for activities such as inspections, investigations, disaster response, code enforcement, work orders, and service requests. Civic Platform updates records in the Civic Platform database based on user inputs from the Mobile Office device. Mobile Office runs on Windows operating systems and mobile devices such as PDAs, tablet PCs, and laptops.


IVR is a voice response system that provides a way to execute business processes defined in Civic Platform. IVR includes recognition of voice and keypad inputs from a touch tone telephone. IVR responds with voice prompts and message prompts. IVR uses text-to-speech, custom text-to-speech, or custom audio files.

With IVR, agency administrators use the IVR administration site to set up and manage the IVR system, and to define who can perform permitting tasks over the telephone. These tasks include checking the status of permits and associated inspections, scheduling inspections, and updating the status of an inspection. Also, agency administrators can use the site to easily change call flow settings, and decide to use audio files instead of text to speech.

Accela Mobile Apps

Accela is releasing a series of new apps that run on smartphones. The first of these apps is the Inspector app, which enables inspectors to conduct Civic Platform inspection activities in the field, through their smartphone.