Processing Payments By Module

An agency can process cross-agency record payments separately regardless of the agency the records belong to, or can group and process cross-agency record payments per agency. This capability is controlled by PAYMENT_TRANSACTION_SETTING which is a Civic Platform environment setting defined in the XPOLICY table. If the PAYMENT_TRANSACTION_SETTING value is set to 1 for the agency the user is currently logged into, each record payment in a shopping cart is processed separately, regardless of the agency that the records belong to. If PAYMENT_TRANSACTION_SETTING is set to 0, the record payment transactions are grouped and submitted per the agency that the records belong to.

The standard choice ENABLE_MERCHANT_ACCOUNT_BY_MODULE enhances the agency-level payment processing by allowing an agency to process record payments per module (or department) within an agency. If the PAYMENT_TRANSACTION_SETTING is set to 0 for the agency the user is currently logged into, and if ENABLE_MERCHANT_ACCOUNT_BY_MODULE is set to Yes, the records in a shopping cart are grouped by the agency that the record belongs to, and then processed per module. This means that when a user pays for cross-agency records in a shopping cart, all records belonging to the same module will be submitted as a single payment transaction to the module's merchant account.

The ENABLE_MERCHANT_ACCOUNT_BY_MODULE applies to payments submitted on the Record > Payment, Payment Processing, Sets, and Point of Sale portlets in Civic Platform, and on the Record Detail page in Citizen Access.

Note: If PAYMENT_TRANSACTION_SETTING is set to 1, record payments are processed as separate transactions regardless of the ENABLE_MERCHANT_ACCOUNT_BY_MODULE setting.