Enabling Supervisor Override for Expired Licenses

Supervisors can override the mechanism in Civic Platform that prevents citizens from renewing licenses when they have outstanding fees. For example, a citizen might have outstanding fees when they come to the agency to renew their license. If they pay the fees and submit proof of payment to the cashier, a supervisor can enter their username and password to enable the renewal of the license in real-time.

Audit logs capture the following data when a supervisor override is performed: supervisor name, date, reason for override, cashier name, and renewal record ID.

See the following sections for instructions on implementing this feature.

Designating the Supervisor Role in the User Profile

Modifying Renewal Record Types to Enable Supervisor Override

Using the Supervisor Override Feature

Designating the Supervisor Role in the User Profile

To enable this feature, you must designate a user as a supervisor. This user can enter their password on the override screen in Civic Platform to enable a renewal record to be processed when a citizen provides proof of payment for outstanding fees.

To designate a user as a supervisor:

  1. Access the Classic Administration page.
  2. Select User Profile > User.
  3. Search for the user you want to modify.
  4. On the User - Edit page, select Supervisor.

  5. Click Save.

Modifying Renewal Record Types to Enable Supervisor Override

To enable this feature, modify your renewal record types to allow supervisor override, as shown

To enable supervisor override:

  1. Navigate to Record Type Administration, as follows:
    • In the new UI, go to Accela Administrator > Administration > Administration > AA Admin.

    • In V360, click the V360 Admin main link, then navigate to Administration > AA Admin.

    Civic Platform displays a link to Record Type Administration in the navigation panel on the left.

  2. Click Record Types and then navigate to your renewal record types.
  3. Select Enable Supervisor Override.

  4. Click Save.

Using the Supervisor Override Feature

After you configure the record type and the user profile, you can use the feature.

  1. Click the Renew button for a record. If the record has outstanding fees, the following screens display:

    1. Supervisor enters their username and password, then clicks Authorize.
    2. Supervisor enters an override reason, then clicks Submit.

    The renewal record is created.