Large File Upload in Civic Platform

When uploading a single file in Civic Platform, a 1GB maximum file size is supported. When uploading multiple files, 10 files may be uploaded in one batch. No single batch should exceed 1GB.

Configuring Large File Upload in Civic Platform

The EDMS Standard Choice parameter EDMS_DOCUMENT_SIZE_MAX allows the user to determine the default maximum size for EDMS document attachments. Modify the value of the Standard Choice EDMS parameter EDMS_DOCUMENT_SIZE_MAX to equal 1000MB as follows.

  1. Log in to Civic Platform.
  2. Click the main link for Civic Platform administration.
  3. Click Agency Profile > Standard Choices.
  4. Search for the existing Standard Choice by entering EDMS in the Standard Choices Item Name. field.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Click the red dot to the left of EDMS.
  7. In Value Desc, modify the value of EDMS_DOCUMENT_SIZE_MAX parameter to equal 1000MB.