Utilizing the Task Dashboard

Civic Platform's new user interface is task centric. The first page that opens when a user logs into the new UI is the Task Dashboard. This dashboard displays a consolidated list of the user's “My Tasks”, including Workflow Tasks, Inspections, Document Review Tasks, Meetings and Activities. The default view shows the Tasks assigned to the user. Tasks can be viewed as task cards or as a list. The following example shows sample task cards:

From the Task Dashboard, the Filter menu shows a consolidated list of filters that are inherited from existing Quick Queries or Saved Searches that are configured in the V360 My Tasks and Task Management portlet. For example:

If your agency does not currently use the V360 My Task portlets, consider creating Filters (Quick Queries) that will provide a list of workflow tasks available to track a record status, and those responsible for completion and specific due dates.

Activities can also be used to assign tasks related to a record outside of workflow, inspections, etc. For those agencies that do not currently use Activities, this is a great opportunity to get record specific to-do lists out of your email and post-it notes and into the platform.

In the following example, the permit tech has been assigned to call the contractor about a bounced check and resend the Permit to the permit holder (note that these activities show as tasks on the Task Dashboard example above):

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