Configuring Page Links on the Launchpad

The new UI has transformed the {Console} > {Pages} > {Portlets} presentation hierarchy into a simple set of navigable pages. The new UI no longer uses portlets; instead the V360 portlets now display as pages. The launchpad on the new UI provides navigation links that allow users to quickly go to the different pages within Civic Platform.

The launchpad has three main areas:
  • Your Pages which shows the pages the user has access to, including Favorites and All Pages
  • Recent list of records opened by the user
  • Reference data such as Address, Parcels, Owners, and others

The All Pages section of the launchpad shows a categorized list of all pages the logged-in user has access to. It is a consolidated list of pages that correspond to portlets that have been configured on all pages across all V360 consoles. In general, a configured portlet that the user can access on any console shows as a page link under All Pages.

For example, if the Activities, My Tasks, and Task Management portlets are configured on different pages of the V360 Planning and Building consoles, and the user has access to these portlets, they will show as page links on the launchpad. The following example shows the Activities, My Tasks, and Task Management page links on the launchpad, including other pages corresponding to V360 portlets the user has access to:

To remove a page link from the list of all pages, remove the portlet from all pages across all V360 consoles via Administration > Console Configuration.
Note: The order and categorization of pages under All Pages currently cannot be customized.
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