Viewing the 360-Degree Communications List

Communication manager maintains a correspondence list that keeps track of all incoming and outgoing communications (also known as a 360-degree view).

The list initially displays in chronological order, but you can sort, filter, and search the correspondence list by title, communication type, from, to, sent date, and initiating event. You can use the operands “&” and “or” when filtering the correspondence list. For example, you can filter all communications of type = email or of type = SMS.

The correspondence list contains the following types of communications:

  • Emails

  • Text Messages

  • Meeting Requests

To view the 360-degree communications list

  1. Access the Communications Manager portlet by clicking the main link in Civic Platform.

    If you do not have a main link to the Communications Manager portlet, create one by Setting Up Your Console and Home Page.

    Civic Platform displays the four categories of correspondence.

  2. Click to view any of the following items:

    Table 1. The 360-Degree Communications List
    Sent Items Click to view items sent from Civic Platform, including all sent items, items sent manually, items sent by events and scripts, and notifications.
    Outbox Click to view pending items that you have scheduled but not yet sent, items for which you have specified a delay time, bounced items, and items that Civic Platform cannot send due to a failure status.
    Inbox Click to view emails retrieved from external email servers. The Inbox stores emails only; it does not store text message and it does not store other types of communications. You must select the option Retrieve Email from Server in Email Account Settings for emails to display here.
    Deleted Click to view deleted and/or restore deleted items.