Troubleshooting Data Linkage

The Data Linkage diagnostic tool applies to legacy Accela GIS and examines whether there are any issues in the association between assets and GIS objects, between parcels and GIS objects, or between records and GIS objects. This diagnostic tool also offers solutions for you to troubleshoot any issues.

To troubleshoot the data linkage

  1. Access the Accela GIS Integration Diagnostics Portlet (Accessing the the legacy Accela GIS Integration Diagnostics Portlet).

  2. Click the Data Linkage tab.

    Civic Platform displays the Data Linkage diagnostic tool.

  3. Select the type of entity for which you want to check the data linkage from the Entity Type drop-down list. There are three options in this drop-down list: Asset, Parcel, and Record.

    Civic Platform displays the fields according to the entity type you selected.

  4. Complete the fields that appear:

    • For assets

      Asset Group Select the group of the asset that you want to diagnose.
      Asset Type Select the type of the asset that you want to diagnose.
      Asset ID Enter the identification number of the asset that you want to diagnose.
    • For parcels, enter the parcel number in the Parcel # field.

    • For records, enter the record identification number in the Record ID field.

  5. Click the Diagnose button.

    Civic Platform examines any legacy Accela GIS object that has an association with the selected entity, and then displays the diagnosis.