Troubleshooting the Connection with legacy Accela GIS

The Connection diagnostic tool can diagnose the most common issues on the connection with the legacy Accela GIS Server and offer solutions for you to troubleshoot the issues. For example, it checks whether Civic Platform can communicate with the legacy Accela GIS server successfully and whether the GIS Service settings are correct.

To troubleshoot the connection with legacy Accela GIS

  1. Access the Accela GIS Integration Diagnostics Portlet (Accessing the the legacy Accela GIS Integration Diagnostics Portlet).

  2. Click the Connection tab.

    Civic Platform displays the Connection diagnostic tool.

  3. Select the GIS service that you want to diagnose from the GIS Service drop-down list.

  4. Click the Diagnose button.

    Civic Platform tries to establish a connection with the selected GIS service and displays the diagnosis result.