Transferring Settings

The Import and Export portlets are for transferring settings data, such as filters and queries.

For transferring record and configuration data, use Data Manager. Refer to the Data Manager chapter in the Accela Civic Platform Migration Guide for complete details.

Example Use Case

You create an entirely new user group and want to copy a set of data filters from an existing user group. You export the data filters, modify the XML file to add the new user group, and then import the file again.


Exporting Settings

When you export settings data, Civic Platform creates an XML file that uses a specific file naming convention to indicate the information contained in the file, and the date and time you exported the information. If you change the file name, you must leave the export type unchanged. If you change the export type in the file name, Civic Platform cannot import the XML file.

To export settings

  1. Access the Export portlet (Accessing the Export Portlet).

  2. Enter the agency name you use to log in to Civic Platform.

  3. Select Export from the drop-down list.

  4. Click Submit.

  5. Click Save and select the location where you want to save the XML file. Close the Save As dialog box.

    Civic Platform saves the XML file in the location you select.

Importing Settings

You can only import files that correspond to the import item type you select. For example, if you select SmartCharts as the import item type, you cannot import data filters.

To import settings

  1. Access the Import portlet (Accessing the Import Portlet).

  2. Select the Import Item. Browse for the Import File.

  3. Click Submit.

    Civic Platform prompts you to back up your old data.

  4. Click the Yes button to back up old data, or the No button to proceed without backing up.

  5. Civic Platform imports the settings.