Time Accounting Tracker

You can define any number of Time Accounting types with details about the type of activity that you are recording. You can then assign a default hourly rate adjustment -- or a percentage adjustment -- to use to assess the cost of the activity. Time Accounting provides methods for assigning various security settings, Time Accounting types, and hourly rates to specific users.

If you want to assign rights to time accounting supervisors to allow them to lock other user’s time accounting, the details on how to use and set up are in Locking Time Accounting for Another User.

To allow users to add multiple time accounting entries on inspection details and to the workflow tasks, see the functionality described in Configuring Access to Inspections and Workflow.

Begin by configuring the Time Accounting Groups, then the types. Time Accounting Types must belong to a Time Accounting Group, and User profiles must belong to a Time Accounting Group and Type.

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