Supported Environments

You can create an expression for either Civic Platform, or Citizen Access, or both. Civic Platform does not support expressions for Authorized Service Customer and Authorized Service Customer Address. Citizen Access supports expressions for ASI, ASI Table, Address, Authorized Service Customer, Authorized Service Customer Address, Contact, Contact 1/2/3, Contact Address, Fee, Professionals, and Reference Contact Address.

You can use Expression Builder with the following portlets.

  • ASI

  • ASI Table

  • Address

  • Applicant

  • Asset

  • Asset Condition Assessment

  • Authorized Service Customer

  • Authorized Service Customer Address

  • Condition

  • Condition of Approval

  • Contact, Contact 1/2/3

  • Contact Address

  • Fees

  • Parcel

  • Payment

  • Professional

  • Record Detail

  • Reference Address

  • Reference Condition

  • Reference Contact

  • Reference Parcel

  • Workflow