Structures and Establishments

This topic describes the configuration tasks for the Structures and Establishments module, and contains detailed information on creating structure and establishment types.

The first step in managing Structures and Establishments is to create structure and establishment types. After you define a type, you can customize the fields that display in records of that type. You do this by creating attributes, characteristics of structures or establishments that display as data entry fields, and gathering groups of attributes into templates. After you attach a template to a type, the fields contained in the template display in records created from that type. Both attributes and templates share information between the structures and establishments module and the asset management module of Civic Platform. You can find complete details about managing attributes and setting up templates in Attributes and Templates.

You can also use the Form Layout Editor to customize the layout of structure and establishment records. Design a layout for a template, then attach the template to structure and establishment type. All structure and establishment types that you attach this template to display this layout. For complete information on working with the Form Layout Editor, refer to Designing Forms for Portlets.

You can configure your system to synchronize address, parcel, or owner information associated to structures that users add to or remove from records. When you associate a parcel to a structure, if a user adds that structure to or removes it from a record, the parcel information can populate the record as well, either automatically or following a message prompt. For information on configuring reference data synchronization, see Managing Property: Addresses, Parcels, and Owners.

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