Standard Reports

Civic Platform provides a set of out-of-the-box, standard reports that users can run to extract data from your database for analysis purposes. For information on how to configure standard reports in Report Manager, see Report Manager.

Standard reports are available in all modules: Service Request, Land Management, Licensing and Case Management, Asset Management, Citizen Access, and Accela common services. Accela developed these reports using state-of-the-art reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, Oracle Reports, Microsoft Reporting Services, and Accela Report Writer.

Some reports are available in multiple formats (for example, Crystal Reports and MSSQL Reports). For reports that are available in two formats, you can make both report type formats available.

Civic Platform provides access to all of these standard reports and enables you to configure user access and parameters in Report Manager. Configuring standard reports involves setting up the parameters users can specify to filter the report and provide the necessary report output. You can set up reports so that they automatically include the parameters, or you can require users to manually supply report parameter criteria.

You can generate standard reports in different output formats, such as PDF, HTML, and Excel (.xls) for tab delimited reports. For more information on output formats, refer to "Reporting" in the Accela Civic Platform User Guide or the documentation that came with your reporting software.