The SG-LINEAR WITH MIN MAX formula is similar to the MIN_FEE_ADD_ON formula, which lets you assess a fee based on other fees. This formula is unique, as it lets you assess a fee based on a subgroup of assessed fees, rather than the total sum of all assessed fees.

After you assess a group of fees, you can assess an additional fee that belongs to a certain subgroup, based on the sum of all the fees that belong to the same subgroup within the same fee schedule. Subgroups are similar to fee indicators, which Civic Platform uses to identify a single valuation; however, you can include multiple fee items in a single subgroup. When you configure fee items, you have the option to associate each fee with a unique subgroup.

Civic Platform sums up all the fees in this subgroup, then takes the subtotal, multiplies it by a, and adds b to it.

Input Parameter Format




There are two fees: Electrical fee of $35, and Planning Review fee of $10.

The SUBGROUP subtotal is $35 + $10 = $45.

Civic Platform calculates as $45 * 10 + 50 = $500.

Input Parameter Definitions

a The fee factor used to multiply the subgroup total. For example, if you want to assess a fee that is 65% of the subgroup sum, enter 65.
b The base fee that you want to assess in addition to any minimum fee.
min The minimum fee that you want to assess, independent of the total sum of all fee items previously assessed.
max The maximum fee that you want to assess.