Setting Up a Flat Fee Item

To set up a simple fee item for an application, administrators must have already pre-defined a fee schedule and a payment period. See Managing Fee Schedules and Invoices and Payment Periods. Then, administrators must create a fee item with configurations for a simple fee. After you set up the fee item on a fee schedule, administrators can assign the fee schedule to one or more application types. A fee schedule can accommodate multiple fee items. Numerous simple fees and more complex fees can coexist on the same fee schedule.

To create a simple fee

  1. Verify an applicable fee schedule and a pay period. See Managing Fee Schedules.

  2. Access the Classic Administration page (Accessing Classic Administration).

  3. Navigate to Fees > Fee Item.

    Civic Platform displays the Fee Item-Search page.

  4. Choose one of the following:

    • To create a new fee item click Add.

    • To copy an existing fee item and modify it to create a new fee item:

      Search for the fee item to copy. Enter search criteria and then click Submit. Select the fee item you want to copy and click Copy.

      Civic Platform displays the Fee Item-Add page.

  5. Complete the fee item fields with the following criteria:

    1. Complete the required fields, Fee Item Code, Fee Schedule, Version, and Payment Period.

    2. Choose Constant from the Calc Formula drop-down list.

    3. Customize the fee item by configuring the remaining fee item fields. For definitions of the fee item fields, refer to Understanding Fee Items.

  6. Click Save.

    Civic Platform assigns the fee item to the defined fee schedule.

  7. Assign the fee schedule with the flat fee item to appropriate application types. For more information about application types, see Creating and Configuring Records.