Setting Record Type Audit Frequency

For more information about creating and editing Random Audit groups, see “Random Audits” in the Accela Civic Platform User Guide.

To set a record type audit frequency

  1. Access the Record Type Administration portlet (Accessing Record Type Administration).
  2. Select the Portlet and the Record Type for which you want to set the audit frequency.

    Civic Platform displays the Record Type Information.

  3. Click the Setting option, and scroll to the Audit Frequency section.

  4. To designate the interval between audits for a record type, enter the number of months in the Audit Frequency column. You can enter a number under any of the record type levels. For example, enter 3 in the Audit Frequency field for the Licenses record type to prevent the audit of licenses within a three month period.

    When you edit any level of a record type, Civic Platform automatically syncs the audit frequency for all related record types. For example, if you modify the audit frequency for Licenses to 18 months for Licenses/Medical/Pharma/Pharmacist, the audit frequency for Licenses/Medical/Pharma/Renewal also changes to 18 months.

  5. Click Save.