Setting Permissions for Application-Specific Info Groups and Table Groups

To set permissions for ASI Groups and ASI Table Groups

  1. Access the ASI Security portlet (Navigating to the Setup Portlet).

  2. Select the application specific information (ASI) group or table you want to give access to the users.

    To apply the permissions to all ASI groups or tables, click ASI Groups or ASI Tables in the navigation tree.

    To search for a specific application specific information (ASI) group or table, complete one of these options:

    • Click the plus sign next to the ASI Group or ASI Table Group label on the navigation tree to expand or collapse the view.

      Civic Platform expands the navigation tree to display the subgroups and types.

    • Click Search.

      Civic Platform displays a search page.

      1. Enter a value in the Search field. The user can enter a maximum of 24 characters.

      2. Click OK.

        You can cancel the search by clicking Cancel. Civic Platform closes the Search window and displays the ASI Security navigation tree.

        Civic Platform highlights in red all matched records through the entire ASI Security navigation tree.

      3. Click the ASI Group or ASI Table Group to which you want to apply permissions.

        Civic Platform displays the ASI Group or ASI Table Group in the permission detail portlet.

  3. In the permission detail portlet, click or roll your mouse over Assign, and select an assignment option.

    For more information, see Managing Recipients in Administration Portlets.