Searching for a Condition Assessment Type

Use the following procedure to search for a condition assessment type. If you do not have the full name of the condition assessment type, you can perform a partial text search. For example, to find a condition assessment on a vehicle, enter veh into the Condition Assessment field. The search returns all condition assessment types that start with veh. When you find the condition assessment type you are looking for, you can view the details, update the description, or remove the condition assessment type. You can also search for an inactive condition assessment to reactivate it.

To reactivate a condition assessment type that removed by mistake, search for inactive records. In the search results select the desired record and change the record status to Active. This reactivates the record, making it available when setting up new condition assessments. Civic Platform restores any attribute detail information originally associated with the condition assessment type.

To search for a condition assessment type

  1. Access the Condition Assessment portlet (Accessing the Condition Assessment Portlet).

  2. Click Search.

    Civic Platform displays the Condition Assessment portlet.

  3. Complete any of the fields below:

    Condition Assessment Enter the name of the condition assessment type.
    Description Enter a description about the condition assessment type.
    Record Status Select active to search for an active condition assessment. Select inactive to search for an inactive condition assessment.
  4. Click Submit.

    Civic Platform returns a list of condition assessment types that match your search parameters.

  5. Click a Condition Assessment to access it.