A QuickQuery is a search predefined by an administrator that helps users to quickly access a list of items. For example, you can set up a QuickQuery that refines a list of records to show only those records assigned to a certain department. A QuickQuery does not display fields or values a data filter excludes. For more information about data filters, see Filtering the Display of Data.

You can filter data for any field name in a list portlet. You must designate the modules, groups, or users that can access each Global QuickQuery you create. Global QuickQueries not assigned to the user do not appear in the user’s My QuickQueries drop-down list in the list portlet. If you set up multiple queries for a portlet, users can add any of those queries to their My QuickQueries drop-down list, and specify one of them as a default QuickQuery.

Multiple daily users can assign a QuickQuery the same name. Civic Platform differentiates these QuickQueries by the user’s login name. For example, John Q. Smith and Ann Jensen can both create a query called “Projects Due Today.” A user or administrator who wants to create two QuickQueries with the same name on the same login account must differentiate the two. For example, “Opened Today with Balance (Global)” and “Opened Today with Balance (My QQ).”