Processing Sets

Sets provide a way to quickly and efficiently process groups of records in bulk. For example, you can use sets to organize multiple applications or multiple service requests into groups for batch processing. You can use sets to simultaneously update the workflow for several applications or service requests at a time. For example, you can use a set to simultaneously update the Architect for several applications.

You can create sets of many types of records, not just applications and service requests. There is no limit to the number of records you can include in a set. Civic Platform allows administrators to extend set functionality to multiple types of sets for the agency. A group of records, addresses, parcels, or licensed professionals can also make up a set for batch processing.

You can enhance basic set functionality by including the ability to incorporate conditions, comments, or the application of licensed professionals, owners, and/or contacts to a set. Other functionality includes generating reports and running scripts for record sets.

You can also create sets of sets, which enables you to group multiple sets together, and then perform fee analysis and payment processing for multiple sets simultaneously.

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