Point of Sale

This section describes how On-Premise customers can configure Civic Platform to accept point of sale payments.

The audience for this section is an agency who hosts its own Civic Platform server and data. If Accela hosts the Civic Platform server at its data center, consult with the Accela Success Community: https://accela.force.com/success for information on successfully implementing your point of sale system, including receipt set up.

When configuring the point of sale, a fee schedule must exist and it needs to include the CONSTANT formula, CONSTANT value, and FINAL period. To plan and configure a fee schedule, see the Understanding Fee Items. For complete details refer to Setting Up a Point of Sale Fee Item and Fee Schedule.

Part of setting up a fee item, including fee items for a record or fees for point of sale items, is generating a receipt and printing a receipt. By default, Civic Platform generates a system default receipt number for receipts.

For a broader explanation of all pre-defined sequences available in Civic Platform see the receipts listed in Defining Sequences, Masks, and Autonumbering.

For a list of supported web browsers, refer to the Civic Platform Release Notes.

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