Manually Executing a Batch Job

You can manually execute a batch job at any time, with no interference with the job schedule; the batch job continues to run without interruption on its regular schedule.

To manually execute a batch job

  1. Access the Batch Jobs portlet (Accessing the Batch Jobs Portlet).

  2. Click Execute.

  3. The following message displays: “Execute places the selected job(s) in the processing queue.” Batch job(s) continue to run as scheduled. Do you want to continue?”

    Click OK to run the batch job.

    Click Cancel to return to the Batch Job List portlet without running the batch job.

    If you clicked OK, you place the batch job in the process queue and its Job Status reflects this. If you clicked Cancel, Civic Platform returns to the Batch Job List portlet.

  4. The executed batch job displays in the log along with scheduled batch jobs. To view the log, click the Log tab.

    Civic Platform displays the Batch Job Log portlet.