Managing Contacts, Licensed Professionals, and Public Users

Civic Platform divides contacts into two categories: reference contacts that serve as the reference database, and daily contacts that users add to records. Best practice is to manage contact types by defining only generic reference contact types, such as Individual and Organization. Record each individual or organization as one reference contact. Then link reference contacts to records in various roles, such as Applicant, License Holder, etc. This enables you to easily track all the transactional and reference information about every individual and organization.

After you implement Civic Platform, you might need to add new licensed professionals, as appropriate for your agency. After you add a licensed professional, users can search for the licensed professional when creating or editing an application.

Anyone who uses the public facing portion of Citizen Access, IVR, or other Accela add-on products are called public users. Public users include Anonymous Users and Registered Users who either navigate the agency’s Citizen Access website or who use IVR and follow the call flow. System administrators can control which functions are available for both types of public users.

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