Education, Continuing Education, and Examinations for Licensing

The Education portlet enables you to configure and collect the education information necessary to issue a professional or occupational license. Refer to Managing Education to configure the education feature.

The Continuing Education portlet enables you to record and track the continuing education requirements being fulfilled for each of the individuals licensed or certified through your agency. See Managing Continuing Education to configure the continuing education feature.

The Examination portlet enables you to record the exam scores obtained by individuals seeking to acquire or maintain their professional certification. See Managing Examinations to configure the examination feature.

CAUTION: When an administrator uses the Continuing Education or Examination portlets, Civic Platform automatically creates the Standard Choices CONTINUING_EDUCATION_ REQUIRED_HOURS and CONTINUING_EDUCATION_WORKFLOW_TASK_STATUS for Continuing Education, and EXAMINATION_WORKFLOW_TASK_STATUS for Examination, and uses them to store specific data in the Civic Platform database. Administrators should not manually add or modify the Values or Value Descriptions for these Standard Choices through the common Standard Choices pages. If an administrator incorrectly configures or disables one of these Standard Choices, it impacts the functionality of the corresponding Continuing Education or Examination portlet.

You must also create provider records for each of the educational institutions and any other organizations offering professional degrees, continuing education, or certification examinations that you want to track. Refer to “Working with Providers” in the Accela Civic Platform User Guide for specifics on managing providers.

This section explains how to create provider records, and associate those providers with the specific education degrees, continuing education offerings, and examinations required to obtain or maintain a variety of professional licenses.

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