This topic describes the configuration tasks involved with setting up all of the different inspections that users need to complete for a certain type of application. You determine which inspections that you deem required in an inspection group, and the order in which users must complete them. For example, if you require a Foundation Wall, Electrical, and Plumbing inspection before issuing a building permit, you can set up a Building inspection group that includes those inspections for all Building application types.

There can be one or more inspection types in an inspection group. With each inspection type you must specify the checklist group, result group and grade group, which are the guidelines to follow for performing the actual inspection and for resulting the inspection score, inspection status, and inspection grade.

You can activate the auto assign feature for individual inspection types that automatically schedules inspections and assigns them the appropriate inspectors.

After you create an inspection group and add inspection types, you can set up an inspection flow process. The inspection flow process is an outline of all the inspections that a user group needs to complete between the application submittal and the issuance of a permit or license to the applicant. For explanations of these steps refer to Managing Inspection Flows and Milestones.

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