Accela GIS Integration Diagnostics

Civic Platform provides diagnostic tools that enable you to troubleshoot legacy Accela GIS integration issues in these areas:

  • Communication between Civic Platform and the legacy Accela GIS

  • Data linking between Civic Platform and the legacy Accela GIS, namely, the association between assets and GIS objects, between parcels and GIS objects, and between records and GIS objects.

  • Auto-populating application-specific information into the application intake form

  • Auto-assigning inspectors when users schedule inspections

  • Parameters in the legacy Accela GIS related EMSE scripts

When legacy Accela GIS diagnoses an issue, it displays a diagnosis result that lists the specific problem, possible cause of the problem, and a troubleshooting suggestion for possible solutions to resolve the problem. If the troubleshooting suggestion does not resolve the problem, contact Accela Customer Support.

To diagnose Civic Platform GIS (JavaScript version), go to the Diagnostics page of the Civic Platform GIS Administration Site. For details about the Civic Platform GIS Diagnostics page, see the Civic Patform GIS System Administration in Accela Civic Platform GIS Administrator Guide.

For information about legacy Accela GIS diagnostics, click a topic below for full details.