Generating Reports for Sets

Civic Platform can simultaneously associate reports for record, parcel, address, and licensed professional set members, and provide the same viewing and printing report functionality for set members as it does for individual records, parcels, addresses, and licensed professionals. When implemented, the specified report runs one time for each set member.

To implement this function, manually assign reports in the Record Details portlet to the set member list portlet in Report Manage. Set the session variables shown in Table 1 for each record set.

Table 1. Session Variables for Set Reports for Report Manager
Set Type Variables
Record Sets SETID ($$setID$$)CAPID($$capID$$)
Parcel Sets ParcelID ($$parcelID$$) SETID ($$setID$$)
Address Sets AddressID ($$addressID$$)SETID ($$setID$$)
Licensed Professional Sets LicensedProfessionalID ($$licensedprofessionalID$$)SETID ($$setID$$)

For more information about Report Manager, see Report Manager for more information about Session Variables, see Report Manager.