The FIXED FEE BY RANGE formula lets you assess a fixed, or set fee depending on the quantity that a user enters when assessing the fee. For example, you can charge a $50 licensing fee for day-care facilities that care for up to six children, and charge a $100 licensing fee for facilities that care for fifteen children.

Formula Equation

X Fee
0 – R1 F1
R1 – R2 F2
R2 – R3 F3
R3 or more F4

Input Parameter Format



Labor Camp Fee where

# of Employees Fee
0-7 (0=<x=<7) $0
8-25 (8=<x=<25) $135
26-50 (26=<x<50) $350
50 or more (50=<x) $500

X = number of employees

Formula Parameter: 0,7,135,25,350,50,500

Input Parameter Definitions

F The fixed fee that you want to assess for any quantity that falls within the specified range of values.
R The maximum value within a range of quantities.
X User input.


  • There is no limit to the number of ranges you can set up for this fee formula, but the total number of characters that you can use to enter input parameters is 500.

  • If you set up only one range, the fee is always equal to the fee for that range.