Fee Formulas

Fee formulas enable you to configure how Civic Platform calculates fees. Ideally, a user should not need to think about how Civic Platform generates fees when they enter a fee quantity. You can assist users and facilitate ease-of-use by configuring fee amounts and the parameters that generate calculations. For example, you can establish minimum fees and maximum fees. It is important to note, however, that while you can configure fee amounts and fee quantities, you cannot modify the fee formulas themselves, as they are part of the standard configuration that comes with Civic Platform.

When a user assesses a fee, Civic Platform calculates the fee based on parameters such as constants, quantities, job values, or values from a specific information field on an application.

Some formulas allow you to include constants and application specific field values. You can include these values as part of your parameters (also known as calculation variables) when you set up a fee item. For instructions, see Understanding Fee Items. If you choose to use application specific field values in your fee formula, you must use a fee indicator that corresponds with the fee indicator referenced within the application specific information field. For more information, see Defining Custom Fields (Application Specific Information).

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