Deleting an Asset Type

You can delete asset types when they become outdated or you no longer need them. For example, an agency starts outsourcing all small maintenance tasks to a local company. For example, if you do not keep small maintenance supplies in the agency offices, you can delete the small maintenance asset types.

After you delete an asset type, it no longer displays in the asset type drop-down when a user creates a new asset. However, Civic Platform does not delete the assets within the asset types, it just labels them inactive.

To delete an asset type

  1. Access the Asset Type Administration portlet (Accessing the Asset Type Administration Portlet).

  2. Select each asset type you want to remove. You can do a search for assets to locate them before deleting. See Searching for Asset Types for more information.

  3. Click Delete.

    Accela Civic Platform - Asset deletes the selected asset type and then updates the Asset Type list portlet.