Defining Custom Fields (Application Specific Information)

Application Specific Information (ASI) is a collection of custom fields you can create and apply to records, contacts, documents, conditions, and checklists, to meet the specific business objectives of your agency. Think of ASI fields as agency-defined fields that enable you to leverage the power of the Civic Platform’s highly configurable architecture.

You can define the processes surrounding what happens when you create or modify ASI fields and how those changes impact existing applications. You can configure the ability to globally change ASI groups for applications already existing in your Accela system, regardless of the application’s status. This includes completed applications, applications that are moving through a workflow, or partially completed applications, submitted through Citizen Access, whose application type matches the ASI group code.

If your agency has Citizen Access, you can customize certain components of its user interface by configuring ASI details. You can design pop-up windows, write instructional text, configure the text and size for labels, change page flows and display order, and add watermarks for ASI tables and fields. You do this by configuring the Citizen Access sections of ASI groups and subgroups; see Designing ASI Layouts for Citizen Access.

To reuse the same custom fields in various record types, you can create ASI groups and subgroups.

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