Deactivating a Condition Assessment Type

The only way to change the name of a condition assessment type is to deactivate it and create a new one. If you use the condition assessment type or attach something to it, you can only set it to inactive status, you cannot delete it. When you set a condition assessment type to inactive, it is no longer available when creating new condition assessment types. Accela Civic Platform - Asset does not remove it entirely. However, the attributes remain active and available under attributes in the Admin portlet, which is important to note, because you can leverage a single attribute on more than one condition assessment type.

If you remove the condition assessment type by mistake, you can reactivate it by searching for inactive records and changing the status to active. For instructions and information about searching for a condition assessment type, see Searching for a Condition Assessment Type.

To set a condition assessment type to inactive status

  1. Access the Condition Assessment portlet (Accessing the Condition Assessment Portlet).

  2. Select the Condition Assessment link you want to inactivate.

  3. Click Delete.

    Civic Platform changes the condition assessment type to Inactive status.