Creating a Trace Log

The Log Trace tool enables you to create a log of traces when you are troubleshooting problems in these areas:

  • Auto-populating application-specific information into the application intake form

  • Auto-assigning inspectors when users schedule inspections

  • Parameters in the legacy Accela GIS related EMSE scripts

To create a trace log

  1. Access the Accela GIS Integration Diagnostics Portlet (Accessing the the legacy Accela GIS Integration Diagnostics Portlet).
  2. Click the Log Trace tab.

    Civic Platform displays the Log Trace tool.

  3. Select the areas for which you want to enable tracing:
    • ASI Population

    • Auto Assigning Inspector

    • GIS Related EMSE Scripts

  4. Click the Start button.

    Civic Platform turns on tracing.

  5. Ask the user who reported the issue to reproduce the issue on his or her site.

    You can also reproduce the issue on your own, if possible.

  6. When the user reproduced the issue, click the Stop button on the Log Trace tool.

    Civic Platform turns off tracing and displays trace information in the Diagnosis Result area.