Configuring Standard Comments

Standard comments are pre-defined comments that users can quickly select in lieu of the time-consuming task of manually entering comments that they use repeatedly. Standard comments help users complete tasks quickly and improve the consistency of the information on your system.

Standard comments exist throughout Civic Platform. Specifically, users can add standard comments when updating workflow tasks, entering inspection results, and placing any type of condition on an object.

System administrators must configure Comment Groups, then add Comment Types to those groups, and then create Comments for those types. You can assign each Standard Comment Group, with its associated types and comments, to record types, inspections, workflows, and checklists. You can create a Comment Group and assign it, then add Comment Types and Comments later; until you add Types and Comments, the data picker on the user side is empty. You can also create a Comment Group, then add Types and Comments to it, and then assign the group.

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