Configuring Online Payment Processing

Your agency can accept online payments in the form of checks, credit cards and ACH transactions by connecting with a payment provider such as Accela CivicPay or PayPal. To connect with a payment provider, you must configure an Accela-provided ePayment adapter.

For example, Accela provides an adapter to connect Civic Platform to the PayPal Payflow ePayment Gateway.

The Civic Platform adapter supports the following providers:

  • Accela CivicPay

  • Custom Redirect

  • Govolution

  • Official Payments CoBrand+

  • Official Payments STP

  • PayPal Payflow Pro 4.3 (with a merchant account for a bank that PayPal supports).

  • Virtual Merchant

When choosing which ePayment adapter you implement, Accela recommends using Accela CivicPay for its modern, integrated user experience. Another recommendation is PayPal Payflow Pro4.3 (with a merchant account for a bank that PayPal supports).

After you complete the ePayment adapter configuration, you must configure online payments in Citizen Access, see Setting Up Payment Functionality Online.