Attributes and Templates

Attributes are characteristics of assets, structures, and establishments. When you define attributes in your system, you create fields that can display in records to track information. Attributes enable you to customize your asset, structure, and establishment records.

For instance, if your agency owns complex structures that contain both private residences and commercial establishments, you can define attributes for the apartments such as keyed or code entry, available parking, and elevators. For the commercial establishments, you can define attributes such as type of cuisine, capacity, and number of employees. Some attributes the two types of establishment might share are number of rooms and dimensions.

Define as many attributes as your agency requires. You can use each attribute in multiple templates. You then use templates to create asset, structure, and establishment types, and you use these types to create records. The asset, structure, or establishment records then contain fields that correspond to the attributes included in their templates. As your agency adds new assets and asset types, you might need to create new attributes for your system. You might also need to add attributes to existing asset templates to accommodate the need for more information. To create an asset directly from an Asset Template, see Creating a Template.

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