Associating Record Types

You can define record types that are dependent on other record types. A use case example for this is: when public users pay fees for a record type in their shopping cart, they must also complete the application or renewal for the dependent record types. Otherwise, the user receives a payment failure message.

For instance, a nurse applies for a nurse practitioner license, and their registered nurse license expires. Upon check-out for the nurse practitioner license, the nurse sees on the cart page a payment failure message informing them that they must renew and pay for the registered nurse license. After renewing and paying for the registered nurse license, the nurse can pay for both types of licenses in the shopping cart.

When nurses renew and pay for their registered nurse licenses, they see an associated nurse practitioner license link for application on the receipt page in the shopping cart.

To associate record types

  1. Access the Record Type Administration portlet (Accessing Record Type Administration).
  2. Expand any module to reveal the associated record types.
  3. Locate the record type you want to work with.
  4. Click the Other Associations portlet.
  5. Locate the Associated Record Types section.
  6. Do any of the following to define a record status for the selected record type:
    • To define the selected record type with no status, click the No Status link.

    • To define the selected record type with a status group, click the status group link.

      If you do not see any status group other than theNo Status link, customize the Status Group section. For more information about Status Group, see Working with Application Status Groups.

    • To define the selected record type with a specified record status, do the following:

    1. Expand the desired record status group to display the statuses within that group.

    2. Click any of the record status.

      Civic Platform displays the Record Type List.

  7. Select the Record Type you want to associate.
  8. Click Select.

    An information pops up.

  9. Click OK.

    Civic Platform associates a record type with another record type.

  10. Click Save.