Assigning Inspection Categories

You can associate an inspection type with one or more inspection categories. Locate the Inspection Group Code and click the Configuration button, and select Inspection Categories option from the drop-down menu. Following are complete instructions.

To assign an inspection type to one or several inspection categories

  1. Access the Classic Administration page (Accessing Classic Administration).

  2. Choose Inspection > Inspection.

  3. Search for the inspection group that you want.

    For instructions, see Searching for an Inspection Group.

  4. Click the red dot for the Inspection Group Code link corresponding to the inspection type you want to modify.

    See Table 1 for complete field descriptions.

    Civic Platform displays the Inspection - Edit screen.

  5. Click the Configuration button. The Configuration button is at the far right side of the page.

    The Configuration drop-down menu displays.

  6. Click the Inspection Categories option.

    Civic Platform displays the Inspection Type - Categories List.

  7. Click Look Up.

    Civic Platform displays the Categories Name and Description fields.

  8. Enter the name in the Category field and click Submit.

    Civic Platform displays the Categories Names that match.

  9. Select the inspection category to associate with the selected Inspection Type.

  10. Click Select.

    Civic Platform associates the Inspection Type with the Category name.