Applying Logos to Items

You can apply a logo to an application-specific information (ASI) subgroup or to a record so you can easily identify between items in the software. This logo or display image helps identify agencies in multiple agency implementations and provides a visual way to identify a record. For an example of a logo displayed on a record, see Logo Image on a Record.

Figure: Logo Image on a Record

Associating a Logo with an ASI Subgroup

Associate an image with an ASI Subgroup as a means of branding an agency so users can easily recognize the source of information. For example, associate the Oregon state logo with Oregon.

To associate a logo with an ASI Subgroup

  1. Access the Logo portlet (Accessing the Logo Portlet).
  2. Choose one of the following options
    • To create a new agency logo association click New.

    • To edit an existing agency logo association select the agency from the Logo list.

  3. Complete or update the Logo fields as described in Logo Field Descriptions.
  4. Click Save.
    Table 1. Logo Field Descriptions
    Agency Select the agency name. Agency is a required field.
    Description Provide a brief description of the graphic used as the Agency Logo.
    File Name Click Browse to search and select the image you want associated with the agency.
    Logo Type Select the ASI Subgroup Name.
    Logo URL Provide the image URL in this field when the image you want to use as the logo resides on the web.